100+ Excel Interview Question and Answers to make your Job Ready

100+ Excel Interview Question and Answers to make your Job Ready

100+ Excel Interview Question and Answers to make your Job Ready:

100+ Excel Interview Question and Answers to make your Job Ready Excel is nowadays much more popular in the software field. It is beneficial to know the usage of this application. In some fields of job, the majority of work involves working with these applications on daily basis. Nowadays many candidates have been skilled in Excel. Many candidates go through the interview where maximum questions are asked in Excel. Listed below are the Excel Interview Questions which will be helpful for a candidate to pass the interview and get a job in the field of software with flying colors.

100+ Excel Interview Question and Answers to make your Job Ready



Some Interview Questions on Excel

  • What are the ways to use the Excel Interview Questions Guide?

The ways by which one can use the Excel Interview Questions Guide are as follow:

  1. Going through every question on the Excel
  2. One can learn about the individual topics too
  • Many questions contain links for capable tutorials. If anyone wants to attend to them, then they can do it for better understanding.
  • Define the various data formats in Excel.

The different data formats in Excel are:

  1. Text Format- This consists of texts as well as alphanumeric strings(ABC123). The string which is used for text should consist of punctuation and symbols.
  2. Number Format- This consists of varieties of formats within the numbers. For example., Decimals, fractions, thousand separators, etc. can be used for every calculation whether it is addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.
  • Data Format- The dates are being stored as numbers in Excel.
  1. Accounting or Currency Format- When this format is added before any variable, a currency symbol is also added along with a decimal of up to two places.
  • Explain briefly about the wrapping of a text in Excel.

To wrap a text, first, it’s important to select the cell in an Excel sheet. Then click on the Wrap text option in the Alignment group which is available on the Home tab. This is a toggle button so clicking on it again will unwrap the text.

  • What are the steps to merge a cell in Excel?

The steps required to merge a cell in Excel are as follows:

  1. Select the cell that has to be merged
  2. Click on the Home tab
  • Click on the Merge and Center option available in the Alignment group.
  • Write the use of Format Painter.

The use of Format Painter is that it allows copying the format of a cell and then apply it to the other cell.

  • What are the steps needed to clear the format without removing the content of the cell?

The clearing of format without removing the content of the cell can be done by using the option ‘Clear Formats’ which is available in the Home tab under the editing group. It is visible only after clicking the clear dropdown.

  • Define Conditional Formatting.

Conditional Formatting is used to format a cell according to the values it has in it. For example, if anyone wants to highlight all the cells where the value is less than 50 with a blue color then that can be done with Conditional Formatting.

  • Mention the steps required to highlight the cells with duplicate values in them.

The steps to highlight the cells containing the duplicate values are as follow:

  1. Select the data where the duplicate cells have to be highlighted
  2. Click on the Conditional Formatting option in the Home tab
  • Select the Highlight cell Rules and click on the Duplicate Values option.
  • There are some orders of operations that are used while evaluating the formulas in Excel. Name them.

The orders of operations are listed below.

  1. Brackets
  2. Exponential (^)
  • Multiplication or Division- as both have the same order whichever comes first that is calculated
  1. Additional or Subtraction- both have the same order, whichever occurs first that is evaluated.
  • Differentiate between a function and a formula in Excel.

A formula is an expression that is defined by a user and is used to calculate a value.

A function is pre-defined and is already incorporated operation which takes a fixed number of arguments.

For example., A1+A2 is a formula whereas SUM(A1:A10) is a function.

  • What are the various types of errors in Excel?

The different types of errors are:

  1. #DIV/0! Error- This is a division error that is seen when a number is divided by zero.
  2. #NAME Error- This gives the result of a function that is misspelled
  • #NUM Error- This occurs when there is a calculation of very large numbers in Excel.
  1. #REF! Error- This is known as reference error and is seen when the reference in the formula is not valid anymore

So these are some of the Excel Interview Questions which is very helpful for a candidate who wants to have a job in the Excel environment you must have to learn Excel.

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